Adobe Flash Player is one of the numerous products from the leading computer software company, Adobe Systems. The company's focus on the creation of innovative software products and multimedia platforms resulted in the birth of this program. As the name implies, this tool is vital in accessing many multimedia files, including playing different video documents. However, despite the functionality and the sophistication of this application, it may also cause some errors in the system. From time to time the application can become faulty and cause errors. This happens when the files and settings for the program become corrupted or damaged, making it impossible for the application to load properly. Moreover, any problems with the installation of the application will also render files incomplete.

How To Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Manual Uninstallation

The first step to remove Flash Player involves manually doing so using the Add/Remove Programs function. To do this, you should perform the following steps:

    Go to Start and then choose Control Panel. For Windows XP, choose the Add/Remove Programs option while for Windows 7 and Vista choose Uninstall a Program.

    A list of all programs used in the system will be provided. Search for Adobe Flash Player and then select it.

    Choose uninstall or remove and then complete the instructions provided on how to remove.

Afterwards, restart the computer to complete the removal process. Uninstalling the player is not enough though, as in most cases it leaves behind a range of files and components that also need to be deleted. To do this, go to Start and then select My Computer. Go to Program Files andsearch for all components related to the flash player and select them. Press Shift+Del together to remove them. This will permanently erase the files and settings from the computer. To complete the procedure, the computer should be restarted.

Automated Uninstallation

It's recommended that you also use a piece of software to ensure that Flash program has been removed for good. There is a tool called "Final Uninstaller" which is widely regarded as one of the best for the removal of the programs you may have installed. You can use Final Uninstaller by downloading it onto your system and then letting it remove all the parts of the Adobe Flash application that your PC will have. If you're not confident with PCs, or have some sort of problem with the Flash Player program, it's recommended you use this uninstaller tool to get rid of it for good.

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